my little drama girl and her new haircut

Notice her hand? If you could hear her, it would be something like "ah" with a teenager know what I mean? She is my little drama girl completely, but with a sweet heart still.
And she loves pickles.


  1. Tell your gorgeous girl that the world loves her hair and loves that she loves pickles! I haven't been around much lately but wanted to catch up with you- I shall have to come back when not in the midst of dinner preparations- ALL THESE BOOKS! I'm for book club on Friday night- to discuss the ONE tome I've read in the last two months! The world loves your gorgeous girl's mum too!

  2. Oh my, just you wait, until the ah is actually coming from a teenagers mouth. They are fun years, and that is without any sarcasm whatsoever. I'm enjoying every single one. Haircuts are a big deal in our house too. It looks great!


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