Nature Study ~ Weeds and Wildflowers

We are able to see a few types of weeds and wildflowers around where we live. There are many unbuilt lots nearby and they are mostly covered with various types of weeds and wildflowers. I think of all of them as wildflowers, but some are classified as weeds.
I had to do a little research to find out what some of these were, since I had seen them before but didn't know their names. I was able to find some entries in the Handbook of Nature Study.

red clover : which has many different uses, see link for a list.
You can also read about clovers in the Handbook of Nature Study pg 591-594.

The purple flower is called tufted vetch - which is from the legume/bean family.

These two bright yellow flowers are from two different plants. The one in the left photo are dandelions, really tall ones! The one on the right is ? ... I haven't been able to identify it yet. Can anyone help me?

The photos below show thistle, in a big patch and in a close up with a honey bee. The thistle is considered a weed, but I have always liked the look of it and the light purple colour of the flowers. It also smells beautifully.
In the Handbook of Nature Study, you can find the thistle on pages 524 to 527.

We have been really enjoying doing nature study around our home, just picking something and finding out more about it!
For more ideas, you can visit the Handbook of Nature Study blog.