Spring Nature Study ~ Earthworms

Earthworms! We have come across many lately, while working in our new garden.
Andre really seemed to enjoy observing the earthworms and spent a good part of the afternoon with them, while we were planting our vegetable and herb garden. He also made sure to add the worms he found to our garden. 

I read the section on earthworms in the Handbook of Nature Study and was surprised to find it really interesting. I didn't read this part aloud to the kids, but chose a book at the library instead.
Together, we learned many interesting facts about earthworms in a book by Norma Dixon called Earthworms. 
Here are a few notes we added to our journal page:
earthworms have five hearts, some earthwoms close their burrows with leaves to protect themselves from predators and rain, and Charles Darwin studied earthworms for forty years!

Adrienne sketched an earthworm and labelled its parts on the journal page.

For more information, visit Handbook of Nature Study blog.


  1. We watch them two years now and we call them Max! (They're all Max...) I didn't know all that,it's interesting!

  2. Great study and the journal turned out great. I still marvel at the different parts of the worm now that we can recognize them.

    Thank you so much for sharing your nature study.


  3. Excellent journal page! Wow!

  4. Fun study! I love the notebook page and the enthusiasm on your student's face. I didn't know there was so much to earthworms!


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