Summer Art Appreciation :: Vincent Van Gogh

I purchased from Harmony Fine Arts the Summer Art & Music Appreciation plan and we started this past week. The artist we are studying is Vincent Van Gogh, who happens to be one of our favourites. Adrienne loves his Starry Night painting and I really like the bright colours he uses in most of his work.
We started off by looking at the Bedroom in Arles and listing everything we could see in the painting. Adrienne coloured the colouring page that was included in the study plan.

We looked at the painting online and also in a library book. The one in the top of the photo is called Vincent Van Gogh by Rizzoli Quadrifolio. This book was neat, as you can see in the following two photos, the pages opened up to show a larger picture of the painting. The Bedroom in Arles was showcased in this book. Adrienne and I noticed the differences in the colours when we looked at the painting in the book and online. The original painting is at the Art Institute of Chicago and we hope to one day be able to see it and look at its true colours!

I also read aloud 2 picture books related to Van Gogh, Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt and Vincent's Colors with words and pictures by Vincent Van Gogh (Metropolitan Museum of Art).

We also talked about the colour wheel and how Van Gogh used complementary colours to create paintings that were more intense. We will be continuing our art appreciation through the summer with Van Gogh, along with music appreciation too.


  1. Aren't you really loving the complementary colors in Van Gogh's artwork? I have several images hanging up on our wall and every time I walk by I love the oranges and blues together because they catch my eye.

    This is a great entry and I love the coloring page...thanks so much for sharing.



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