Summer Nature Study :: Mosquitoes

Our summer nature study kicked off this week with a study of mosquitoes. I read ahead in the Handbook of Nature Study all about mosquitoes. The book and Barb suggested to collect some water in hope to get mosquito larvae. The kids and I decided not to do this. We know we could probably get mosquitoes, since there are plenty around here, but lately we have been bitten so much in the evening, and we all have strong reactions from the bites (painful irritation that doesn't go away for days). Instead we read books together and looked at many photos of the different stages of the mosquito, the egg, larva, puppa and adult.

The images of the mosquito life cycle above comes from the book called Mosquitoes: Hungry for Blood by Barbara A. Somervill (cover photo below).
We discussed together what we already knew about mosquitoes and what new facts we learned about them and added those facts to the journal page.
We still don't like mosquitoes, but it was interesting to learn more about them!


  1. We really enjoyed studying mosquitoes and I love the book suggestion. Thanks for sharing your study and photos.

  2. Love the book suggestion - Looks like y'all had a great study. Way to Go! We were not as crazy about having them in the house when they started turning in to the flying mosquitoes! Glad you posted!

  3. Cool nature study. I love the coloring page at the top. Nice job.

  4. We didn't do the mosquito study this year, but we definitely "observed" our share of them while camping. We really enjoyed watching the bats eat them!

    Great job on your mosquito study! We'll have to check out that book before summer ends!

  5. Wonderful study! I was just showing everyone these macro skeeter images I came across the other day. Pretty interesting.


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