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A few weeks ago, I watched a movie I had picked up at our library called Revolutionary Road. The movie was pretty good, and when I noticed that it was based on a novel, I decided to read it. 
The story, based in the fifties, is about Frank and April Wheeler. This young couple find themselves in suburbia and realize that they are not happy. When they were just dating, she got pregnant, they were then married, had another child together (just to prove that the first one wasn't a mistake), and now are reflecting on their lives, asking themselves how they got to be just like everyone else when they thought they were different. 
This story is a sad one. I can't relate to the main characters since I chose my life (having children, staying at home to raise them and homeschooling).
I think it does show how important it is to think about whatever decisions you take and really decide for yourself, not just follow the trend or what "people" think you should do.
This book is part of the Time 100 best english language novels . If you want to find out more about this novel, you can read a plot summary, chapter by chapter, here.  
Here is the trailer from the movie. The movie itself is rated R, but the trailer is for all audiences:

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  1. Last Thursday night I started Sadie Jones' The Outcast at 10pm and finished at 2.30am on Friday morning- put it on 2011's List! But you'd have to have Camus' L'Etranger immediately before or after, methinks! Revolutionary Road going on my List- much less focused than yours!


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