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Living Simply with Children by Marie Sherlock is an excellent book. If you ever have considering living more simply but wondering how to do it with children, this is the book for you. We have lived a simple life for many years, but I still learned lots from this book.
The book is filled with other book recommendations, websites, and even kids books. It has great suggestions for activities, small and big changes ideas for living a simpler life. It also gives many real life examples, showing how families follow a simple life in the "real world".  I take notes when I read non-fiction books, and I had so many notes from this book!
I found the book to be well organized too, part one is the "whys" why your family should practice simplicity, with steps included. The second part is the "hows", starting with what a simple living family looks like, to marketing mania, tv or not tv, peer pressure, and more.
An excellent book that I would highly recommend. One book that Marie Sherlock mentions repeatedly is Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez, another very good book that I read last year.

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  1. Not sure if you have read Simplicity Pretnign, but if so, would this book compare? better? worse? just different?


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