a new adventure

Thirteen years ago on July 12, 1997, I was holding a brand new baby and became a mother for the first time. My husband was next to me and we were so happy to enter the world of parenthood. Our baby girl came to this world after about six hours of labor, with the help of a wonderful dula, without medication. She was a big baby for me, 8 lb 5 oz. I still remember the doctor telling me not to worry, that I would be having a small baby since I was small, 7 lbs at the most. I learned not to put to much trust in what doctors say after that! Adrienne was such a happy baby from day 1. Over the years, she has grown in a caring, responsible, and smart young girl. She is a wonderful big sister to two siblings.
I am really looking forward to this new adventure with her, the teenage years!  


  1. Un très Joyeux Anniversaire à Adrienne (1 jours de retard) je l'embrasse bien fort et me souviens encore lorsque j'ai appris la nouvelle de la naissance, je me trouvais à Paris et étais très honoré que toi, Alex tu me proposes d'être sa Marainne. God Mother comme vous dites !!!!


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