Facebook-free for one week

Facebook. Everyone is on it. I have been on there for a few years now, and I enjoy checking what everyone is up to. I have friends from all over the world on my list. People I grew up with in elementary school, college, work, friends, and homeschool friends too. A huge amount of my contacts are relatives. It's been a great way to keep in touch.

So if I think it is a good thing, why am I going Facebook-free for one week? It's a challenge given by Homeschoolin'Momma and it's something I have been thinking about this summer and I even started a couple of weeks ago by taking myself off the games. I was playing Farmville, Frontier Ville and Baking Life every day. It never took big chunks of time, but I would check these a few times over my day, usually first thing in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. They're fun, but really, I started asking myself why was I playing these?
I realized that it was an escape from reality. For a few minutes everyday I could forget about whatever needed my attention in my real life, and instead chop down trees, collect milk from goats or even bake hundreds of biscottis! Then I thought that it was pretty silly since I really don't think I need an escape from my life! I rather spend time reading, sewing, or playing games with my kids. So I stopped and it was easier than I expected!

This morning after reading Homeschoolin'Momma's post, I decided to take on her challenge of staying off Facebook for 1 week, starting today. I quickly posted a new status, letting everyone know they could reach me by e-mail or by phone. And I am OFF! I will let you know next Monday how it went. Thanks to Homeschoolin'Momma for the little push I needed, just don't ask me to stay away from my blogs ;) 

Would you like to join me? Let me know if you do!

*photos of four-o-clock flowers from my garden*


  1. Awesome Alex! Thanks for joining me :)

  2. I did this at the start of my pregnancy, but I stayed away from the internet all together. I enjoyed it and I think about doing it again sometimes but I feel like I would be completely cut off from the world at the moment if I were to go facebook-free right now.
    BTW, when I first read your title I thought you were blogging about facebook being free for a week...


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