In the kitchen today...

We did a little baking today. Andre made some ginger cookies. During our last grocery trip, we had picked up a cookie box mix from President's Choice. When I read the ingredients on the box, I could pronounce and recognize all of them! They were easy to make and they taste really good, very gingery. Andre loves them. 
Celeste didn't want to be left out, she wanted to bake something too so Adrienne brought us one of her baking books, Sweet Treats (I did a Book Sharing post about it here) .
We made the thumbprint cookies with apricot, strawberry, and blackberry jam. Celeste loved doing the thumbprint part. She needed to put her thumb in a little bit of flour first, then press on the cookie and was telling me how much she loves the texture of flour. She ended up playing with a bowl of flour after the baking was done!

These cookies were delicious too!


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