Planning for 2010-11 :: Canadian History

Here is a proof that I am not perfect!

In all my planning, I completely forgot that the kids and I had talked about covering Canadian History this coming year, or at least for part of the year.
I adjusted our plan now. We have about 10 lessons left in our History Odyssey Middle Ages, the section on Europe in the Renaissance from this past year and we'll finish that in August.

As soon as those are done, we will be doing a unit study on New World Explorers from Homeschooling in the Woods (that has been collecting dust and waiting to be used). This should be a lot of fun!

We will then start our study of Canadian History. We had studied a little bit of Canadian history three years ago, learning up to the Vikings. I think it will be best to do a review and then continue on from there.

We are using The Story of Canada by Janet Lunn as our spine, along with the Spirit of Canada by Barbara Hehner. I found a school textbook a while ago, at a thrift store, called Canada The Story of Our Heritage Grade 7 and I might use this as an extra reference, for some of the discussion questions, or illustrations.
To keep myself organized and for activities and extra reading suggestions, I have the Modern History Through Canadian Eyes by Heather Penner .
We will follow a simple plan. I will be reading aloud from the Story of Canada and the Spirit of Canada to all 3 kids, then we might do some map work, activity, or some research (internet quest or other). Celeste won't be expected to do any written work for this, it will be a light introduction for her. Adrienne and Andre will be expected to do a bit more.

I am still working out how far in history we will do until we resume our world history. I haven't decided yet if we will try to cover both world and our country's history at the same time or do them seperate. If you have suggestions/opinions, please leave me a comment. I appreciate it!

We are planning on doing history three times a week. In the past, we have followed (loosely sometimes) a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. I think this year we might change and do our history from Monday to Thursday, along with our science in the afternoons, leaving Fridays for Art and Music Appreciation and Nature Study.


  1. I got The Spirit of Canada and thought about getting The Story of Canada. We have Paddle to the Sea as well which is more on the Great Lakes and not just Canada.


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