the story of cosmetics

If you haven't seen the Story of the Stuff, it is a must see. This video is the newest one by Annie Leonard called The Story of Cosmetics. If you are already reading the ingredient lists on your food, don't forget to check the ingredients on your beauty products as well...and your pets food too while you are at it. It is so important to be educated. What we put in our bodies, even through the use of shampoo is very important. I hardly use any make up, but I still have to use shampoos and soaps, and since I have two daughters, I like to keep myself educated as much as possible.

If you want to read more about cosmetics, I have used the Skin Deep: Cosmetics Safety Reviews site before. It includes shampoos, baby products, toothpastes, and more.
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has a great article about making your own cosmetics with recipes here. The same website does a great job explaining the ingredients found in cosmetics.