52 fridays and BAM ~ week 34 + my belly is part of a mosaic

Another week of self portrait...I wasn't being too creative this week. I should have thought about taking a photo with the snakes on Wednesday, but I didn't. I don't mind holding snakes at all, but I was too busy enjoying watching my kids! Anyway, today was supposed to be a "school day", but starting at 9am, our door bell rang and the kids on the street wanted to play. So school work can wait, soon all these kids will be back in their public school, and we'll have lots of time for our work! I spent some time playing with my dog this afternoon, and thought of using him for my self portrait this week. He is a complete sweet heart, big, about 80 lbs, a Siberian Husky.

He puts up with me. Him and I are really missing our long walks together. We haven't been able to do them, or not as long with the high humidity and heat of this summer. Soon, it will get cooler and we can get back to our hour long walks.

I took another photo with him. He had moved to lay down on top of the vent so he could feel the cold air! This photo makes me laugh:

Finally, here is the mosaic from Tiffani called Things I Love Thursday: Vulnerability and Acceptance. This BAM group is awesome, just like the 53 fridays group. This self portrait challenge has been a wonderful journey for me this year.

Things I Love Thursday::Vulnerability and Acceptance
mosaic by tiffani, for all photo credits, see here.


  1. I love that second one of you, too!

    Happy Friday, Alex!


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