Exploring the City ~ Willistead Manor

After the splash pad on Saturday, we went to visit the Willistead Manor in the Walkerville area of Windsor. This gorgeous 36-room mansion was built in 1904-1906 by Albert Khan for Edward Walker (the son of Hiram Walker). The building is now used for weddings and special events. The surrounding parks and gardens are beautiful.  We didn't try to go inside this time, since we could see there was a wedding taking place that afternoon, but we might try another time!



The front entrance.



Celeste loved this little garden, it was the perfect size for her.

We noticed this structure and thought it was probably a fountain at some point. We read the inscription at the very top of the structure and I took a photo of the dedication found at the bottom. At home, we discovered that this fountain is the Diamond Jubilee Fountain and has a very interesting story (you can read here). This fountain was built to commemorate Queen Victoria's 60 years as queen.

The inscription at the top read:
Her court was pure, her life serene
God gave her peace, her Land reposed
A thousand claims to reverence closed
In her mother, wife and Queen.

We love finding out about local history!

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  1. Beautiful building. Looks like you guys have been having alot of fun.


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