Love. I never used to believe in love, especially growing up. I had a difficult childhood, divorced parents, physical and sexual abuse , rape, really ugly stuff. I never envisionned that I would be married or have children. It just wasn't in my dreams.

But then, I met him. And after barely three months of "dating", he asked me to marry him, to spend a lifetime with him. The top photo was taken that evening.

Shortly after, he told me he wanted to have babies with me. He also came from a broken home, but was determined to make it work.
I don't talk openly about our lives, but for some unknown reason, I feel confortable sharing it on my corner.
That evening when he proposed was almost 16 years ago, in late summer of 1994. We have had our ups and downs, but we have continued on, sometimes I am the one being optimistic about our future, sometimes it is him. With our heavy baggages, we are making it, learning together as we go.

The bottom photo was taken this past weekend. We spent a nice quiet day at the lake, after having a rough two weeks where I found myself having to deal with ugly childhood memories. He was there through it all, trying to help me, even though I was pushing him away.

Love is really a beautiful thing, and I completely believe in it.

As I get older, I find it easier to share my story little bits at a time. I hope I will not make anybody unconfortable by doing so.


  1. We all have stories to to tell and share. I believe it is through those stories we learn how to be better to ourselves and those around us.
    ((((((((Big big hugs)))))))

  2. Alex thanks for sharing. What a great love story!

  3. that's beautiful! the love you two share. i'm saddened to hear about your past. hoping that things will get better for you as you continue living, learning and loving together!!

    much warmth, my friend!!

  4. You are not alone Alex. And yes, love is real. You are a lucky woman. I think I am too. We all have a history of some sort. That is what it is "history". I'm not saying to forget about it forever. I'm just saying that it's not happening now. Sometimes it comes back to bite us but life is wonderful now and you are a very wonderful and special person. It bites us to remind us of how wonderful things are. We need sad times to know what happiness is. Today is wonderful. We should celebrate everyday that is wonderful! I'm here if you want more people to celebrate life with or if you need another shoulder. Hugs! :)


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