On the road, with a mint chocolate milkshake, family vacation - september 2009

I really need to cut sugar out of my life completely.
I have been doing that, but on a "part-time" basis, not really thinking about it that much. I tend to not eat a lot of sweet stuff anyway, but then one day I will have something like ice-cream, cookies or a chocolate bar. And it tastes really good, but within an hour of so, I feel completely blah. I feel tired, and easily get cranky.
In the past, I have noticed this, but thought..nah...I am just making connections that are not really there.
But it happened again these last couple of days and I really don't like that feeling, so now I am going to make a conscious effort and stop ingesting sugar filled products, homemade or from the store.
I don't like eating foods with artificial sugars (or colours or flavours) and as a family, we are always watching that and choosing products without them.
I just need to remember how I feel after I eat certain products full of sugar and that should stop me from eating them!

Day one starts tomorrow...I will let you know how I do after a few days. So long sugar...


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