Year 5 :: Week 1

I am going to start sharing weekly reports on our homeschooling. I am not sure how consistent I will be, but I will do my best!
I do enjoy reading other homeschool blogs that share their weekly reports, and I thought it would be nice for others to see what we are up to as well.
We are doing a slow start, so not all subjects were covered this week.


  • Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 - lessons 1, 2, 3, 4. (Adrienne)
  • Teaching Textbooks 6 - lessons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (Andre)
  • Miquon Math Orange Book - A15 to A20 (Celeste)
  • Time (Usborne First Learning) - pages 3 to 20 (Celeste)
Language Arts
  • Spelling: Sequential Spelling 1 - first 3 days (Andre)
  • Spelling: Sequential Spelling 3 - first 3 days (Adrienne)
  • Handwriting: Getty-Dubay Italics Book B - pages 1 to 3 (Celeste)
  • Handwriting: Getty-Dubay Italics Book E - pages 1 and 2 (Andre)
  • Go For the Code Book C - finished the book pages 73 to 110 (Celeste)
  • Explode the Code 1 - Consonant Pretest (Celeste)
  • Elson Readers Primer - The Cat's Dinner - read first part of story + activity sheet (Celeste)
  • numbers and colours (all 3)

World Geography
  • Trail Guide to World Geography - World - week 1 trails (short trivia questions) + map work. This week we learned/reviewed continents, oceans, the equator, the Arctic circle and Antarctic circle. We also talked about longitude and latitude and time zones. (all 3)
World History
  • History Odyssey - lessons 94 & 95: The Spanish Inquisition, The Portuguese Empire. We are working on the last lessons in HO before moving on to Canadian History. (Andre and Adrienne)
Art, Handicrafts & Music
  • Stop Motion video: planned story, painted movie set, photographed, and edited photos for movie. Planned the sequenced and selected music clip to go with movie. (Andre)
  • painted a background for future movie (Adrienne)
  • painted a watercolour self portrait (Celeste)
  • chalk art (Adrienne and Celeste)

  • care of our Black Swallowtail catterpillar, finding food and cleaning jar (Adrienne and Celeste)

Fitness & Extracurricular
  • many bike rides with friends around subdivision (Adrienne)
  • bike rides around block with friends (Andre and Celeste)


  1. Very cool!

    Sounds like you are in full swing :) I had hopes of doing the same, starting next week but it would appear we are pushing it until the week after that! Nice to see what you're up to, I too enjoy seeing what other homeschoolers are doing... gives me some great things to try as well!


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