Year 5 :: Week 2

  • Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 - lessons 5, 6, 7, 8 (Adrienne)
  • Teaching Textbooks 6 - lessons 6, 7, quizz 1, 8 (Andre)
  • Miquon Math Orange Book - lessons A21 to A24 (Celeste)
  • Miquon Math Red Book - lesson B1 (Celeste)
  • Time (Usborne First Learning) - last lesson (Celeste)
Language Arts
  • Spelling: Sequential Spelling 1 - days 4 to 7 (Andre)
  • Spelling: Sequential Spelling 3 - days 4 to 7 (Adrienne)
  • Handwriting: Italics Book E - 4 days (Andre)
  • Handwriting: Italics Book B - 1 day (Celeste)
  • Explode the Code 1 - pages 1 to 5 (Celeste)
  • Elson Readers Primer - The Cat's Dinner - Celeste reading the story, then I introduced the next story Spot's Kittens + activity page. Reviewed sight words.
  • Poetry: Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization - Level 1 Poem 1 "Ooey Gooey" - daily practice (all 3)
  • Commonplace books - notes from their independent reading - Andre is reading "Eragon", Adrienne a Sherlock Holmes book "A Study in Scarlet", and I am reading "Alice in Wonderland" to Celeste.

World Geography
  • Trail Guide to World Geography - World - Week 2 trails (trivia questions) + map work (all 3). This week we all learned about the Pacific Ring of Fire and volcanoes. Adrienne and Andre started our own illustrated geography dictionary (latitude and hemisphere). Celeste has been doing great with the map work and answering the trivia questions orally!
World History
  • History Odyssey - lessons 96, 97, 99, 100, 101, 102 and 103. This week was a full week with history. We learned more about European Explorers, in particular Sir Frances Drake, Bartholomew Diaz, Vasco da Gama, and Magellan. We read about the Conquistadors and the Spanish Empire. Andre was quite upset while listening to the accounts of the actions of these Spaniards. We then moved on to the Hapsburgs, followed by the Dutch Independence. At the end of the week, we learned about the Spanish Armada and about Tudor England. Every lesson included map work, discussions, and with the last one some extra research on Henry VIII and his six wives.
  • We started a bit of our science program. This year, we are studying physics. We started by reading 2 books: "Galileo's Leaning Tower Experiment" and "Forces Make Things Move".
Art, Handicrafts & Music
  • Stop Motion Videos - more work on this project by Andre and a new project by Adrienne
  • Lego sets building for movies by both Andre and Adrienne
  • Various drawings by Adrienne (see photos below)
  • Signage for our weekend garage sale by Adrienne (see also below)