Year 5 :: Week 3

Celeste and Andre, collecting our vegetables in the garden


•Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 - lessons 9 and 10, test 1 (Adrienne)
•Teaching Textbooks 6 - lessons 9, 10, 11 (Andre)
•Miquon Math Red Book - lesson B2, 3, 4 (Celeste)

Language Arts:

•Spelling: Sequential Spelling 1 - days 8 and 9 (Andre)
•Spelling: Sequential Spelling 3 - day 8 (Adrienne)
•Handwriting: Italics Book E - 2 days (Andre)
•Explode the Code 1 - pages 6 and 7 (Celeste)
•Elson Readers Primer - Spot's Kittens - Celeste read the story. Reviewed sight words.
•Poetry: Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization - Level 1 Poem 2 "Celery" - one day practice (all 3)
•Commonplace books - notes from their independent reading - Andre is reading "Eragon", Adrienne a Sherlock Holmes book "A Study in Scarlet", and I am reading "Alice in Wonderland" to Celeste.

World Geography:

•Trail Guide to World Geography - North America - Week 3 trails (trivia questions) + map work (all 3). This week we all learned about learned about North America and thematic maps. Adrienne and Andre made a Natural Hazards thematic map. They continued working our their illustrated geography dictionary (coastline, channel, sea, and harbour). 

World History:

•History Odyssey - lessons 105 and 106. We finished our lessons with  HO this week. We read a bit about the Huguenot wars and about the Reformation. We then finished our week with reading more tales from Shakespeare (As You Like It, The Tempest, Cymberline). Adrienne and Andre completed a written narration of As You Like It.


This week we didn't cover science at home, but learned about native snakes through a hands-on program at our local library. You can see more here.


Celeste and I reviewed numbers and colours. I introduced shapes vocabulary.

Art, Handicrafts, Music:

Adrienne and Andre both continued with their stop motion videos creations.
Adrienne gave me a beautiful mermaid drawing this week.

Andre made many paper airplanes. He has loved paper airplanes for a few years now. We found a one-a-day type calendar a couple of months ago in a clearance section at Indigo, he has been working on catching up to the current date, and usually makes a week's worth of airplanes at a time, and tests them all!

This week was a lot lighter with our school work, but filled with social activities. We visited three of my aunts on Monday for the afternoon, all the kids played with their neighbourhood friends for most of Friday, and Celeste and I went to the homeschool park day on Thursday morning. Saturday was also a day filled with fun with homeschool friends!


  1. Hi,

    We're going to be using Geography Trails this year. I notice that one of the thematic maps that can be chosen is Natural Hazards. Neither of the atlases that I have have a thematic map for natural hazards. I am wondering if you could share which atlas you used.

    Thanks so much,


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