52 books :: book 41 :: The Atlantis Complex

Adrienne and I both wanted to read this book and we only had 14 days to do so! We did it! She read first, and I finished it just this morning.

We both have read the other 6 books in the series. The Atlantis Complex is book seven in the Artemis Fowl series written by Eoin Colfer. Artemis is a young boy what happens to be a genius and a criminal.

The stories are full of adventures, including interesting characters like Butler, Artemis' bodyguard and Captain Holly Short who is an elf police captain.
This latest story finds Artemis at 15 years old, trying to save the planet. He has turned good and has committed his entire fortune to his latest project. He also discovers that he is suffering from Atlantis Complex, a fairy condition that is similar to OCD.

I have really enjoyed this last book, as much as the others. They have all been funny, fast-paced, and full of action.

Books read: 41/52