Book Sharing Monday :: Author Focus: David Wiesner

Thanks to Fiddler from Rockhound Place, my children and I discovered David Wiesner amazing picture books! We had read The Loathsome Dragon a couple of years ago,
but we hadn't looked for more of his books back then.

Last Monday, when I read Fiddler's Book Sharing Monday, I wanted to find that book "Art and Max", but our library doesn't have it yet. I did request some of his other titles and we have received so far "Flotsam", "Tuesday", and "Sector 7".

These magical books do not have words, just pictures, 
and I think they are perfect just the way they are.

Flotsam is about a young boy that finds an underwater camera washed up on the beach. He gets the film inside processed and buys a new one to replace it.
The photographs that he sees are from the underwater world of the ocean and more.
Truly magical!

Another title we "read" was Sector 7.
This time the story is about a field trip to the Empire State Building.
A young boy makes friends with a cloud who brings him to the cloud dispatch centre.
The two of them try to change the designs of the clouds...

My family has really enjoyed looking at these award-winning titles
and making up the story in our heads. We will be requesting more
of David Wiesner's books!
Thank you again Fiddler!


  1. Oh my David Wiesner loks EXCELLENT. WHat glorious drawings and the stories sound wonderful. Thank you for the top tip!


  2. We're crazy for flotsam here, our review is here:
    I didn't know about sector 7 though - now off to see if my library has it!


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