Book Sharing Monday :: Over in the Jungle :: Over in the Ocean

Today I am sharing two books, both from the same author and illustrator. Over in the Ocean and Over in the Jungle are written by Marianne Berkes and beautifully illustrated by Jeanette Canyon. The art in both books was made completely with polymer clay. I am always amazed by the details!
Celeste still loves to check out baby board books from the library, so these two are in that format. Both are counting books and include many animals from each habitat. The story also rhymes, they are both a lot of fun to read aloud. At the back of each there is an activity suggestion to go along with reading the story. The Over in the Ocean includes a fingerplay activity, while the Over in the Jungle has some body movements suggestion to go along the story. You could also sing the story.

"Over in the ocean
Far away from the sun
Lived a mother octopus
And her octopus one."

"Over in the jungle
Where she knew how to wait
Lived a mother ocelot
And her ocelots eight."


  1. Good morning, Alex! Over in the Jungle looks fantabulous--I can't wait to find it in our library system.

    I hope you get a chance to check out Art & Max. It looked so good I couldn't wait for the library to get it--and I'm so glad I didn't. We've enjoyed it all weekend. It may actually be our favorite of all of his books so far!

  2. Meant to say that we've checked out Over in the Ocean before--I didn't know there was another one, though, so thanks for sharing!

  3. Those books look and sound great. I will have to try and find them sometime.


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