homemade headbands

I made two more headbands yesterday while we were watching the movie Amelia. I had made a couple last year, you can see one here. My kids use these headbands mostly to keep their hair out of their faces while washing up. I also use them while I am running. They are super easy to make and only requre a small amount of fabric and a few inches of elastic.
This time I chose to make them with 2 different fabrics so that they are reversible.
You can find the instructions here at Old Red Barn Co. blog.


  1. That is such a great tutorial! I ahve also made a few headbands for my daugther using it. I love your fabric choices for these. Especially the fabric with the printed words is great IMO!

  2. i loved that movie! great headbands!

  3. Hello.

    The post that you just did about the photography contest is not coming up now. I can see it on my blog roll and I actually looked at it briefly a few hours ago, but now blogger is telling me that the page doesn't exist anymore. Did you remove it, or is it something from my end?


  4. Aww, what a cute little model, and precious headbands. I love that they are reversible!
    Another To-Do project. I wonder if my daughter would wear matching ones, with me. She's 11 now, and those kinds of suggestions don't always fly anymore. ;/


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