it's about time!

I haven't touched my sewing machine all summer!
Yesterday, I helped a friend with her quilt and pulled my machine out for that. I had also noticed late Thursday that I was thinking about sewing something. I had no idea what, just that I needed to.
So today, I looked around flickr a bit and noticed talk about a mug rug swap. I couldn't join it, and didn't want to anyway at this point, but thought the project was cute and since it is so small, fast too.
I made the one you see in the photo above first, the photo below is the reverse side. All fabrics came from scraps leftover from the Traveling Threads quilting bee I took part in last year.
These "mug rugs" are perfect for putting my glass of water on my computer desk! I prefer calling them oversize coasters or snackmats as a friend suggested!

Andre came in from playing outside and noticed what I was doing. He wanted to make one for himself too. He picked the fabrics and set to work. He has sewn before, so he needed just a little guidance. He chose a Snoopy theme for his.
The photo below shows our work in progress. The one with the houses is my second oversize coaster in the works.

I love a fabric mess!


  1. Isn't it a fabulous day when you get to spend time doing something you love to do and playing with something you love to play with! For me a day is successful if I can sew. Have fun making more snackmats!


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