my mojo quest :: daily blogging challenge

I joined four other ladies in this daily blogging challenge. One of the ladies mentioned giving herself a challenge of posting every day until the end of October on her blog. I thought right away that I should join her and work on this blog of mine. I am pretty good at keeping up with my homeschool blog but not as consistent with my corner.
I then thought of creating a cute little button for this challenge and giving it a name. Someone else mentioned having lost their mojo with sewing and quilting and wanting to get it back. That's when the quest for my mojo popped in my head. I created the button below first, then the fall colours one above second and shortened the name to the mojo quest.

The challenge starts tomorrow. I have no idea what I am going to post about on here for the next month and a bit...but I will figure something.

Wish me luck!


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