Our not-back-to-school day

Yesterday, Wednesday, was our "not-back-to-school" day.
We already had started back to our school work in August, but we usually like to do something fun on the day that the public school children go back.

 The official back to school day for the children around here was Tuesday, but for us Tuesday and Monday were days spent in sadness, in a funeral home grieving the death of Babi, who was my husband's grandmother and legal guardian from the time he was five years old. This was my children's great-grandma and she was a big part of our lives.

One of my friends here pointed out that the "not-back-to-school day" could be called "freedom day", and I agree completely with her. With homeschooling, we have great freedom. We have the freedom to choose when we do "school work" and when we don't. We can choose what schedule to follow, we learn all the time and we have been back to our school work since the beginning of August, just because that is what works for us.

Yesterday, my kids enjoyed a super-relaxing day, playing video games, playing tennis and visiting the playground. We are also taking the rest of this week off, to play, talk and relax. The school work can wait.

I have had the chance to appreciate the flexibility of homeschooling for positive events like vacations and such, but I now realize that in time of grief and sadness homeschooling offers wonderful flexibility and freedom as well.


  1. We had our Not Back to School day yesterday as well. It is fun to celebrate the freedom of homeschooling!

  2. glad you can take some time off to enjoy each others company!

  3. Sorry to hear the why of taking the week off - but glad you are able ! Happy Freedom Day!

  4. What a *great* idea! We're too late for "not back to school day", but I will definitely do that next year. In the meantime, I think we'll take a "freedom day" next week and head to the beach. :)

  5. so sorry for your loss!!! glad you are taking time for yourselves.
    happy not back to school week then!


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