Peace Rocks

After typing my title, I smiled to see it could have a double meaning!

Today is International Peace Day, and the kids and I had a day full of peace.

We completed almost all our school work this morning and this afternoon we spent it reading books on our current world geography country study Mexico (more on that soon) and painting peace rocks.

Here are all our peace rocks:

This is Adrienne's, the reverse side is the one with the tree in the picture above:

Celeste did this one below, writing out peace and making little circles all around:

Andre's peace rock "Live in Peace" :

and finally mine, peace, plain and simple:

I wish you peace today and everyday !


  1. Lovely! Loving the new hair also!!! I would love to do mine that dark. I should have when I was younger lol, all my grey will show to well now if I tried it.


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