preserving summer a little

I have done some canning before, but not peaches or pears before. I really enjoy making preserves. I am not sure if the fruit is supposed to be floating like it is now!
I used the 1 litre jars, so only ended up with 3 jars of peaches and 3 jars of pears. I only used a basket of 5 litre each fruit. I think I need to make more and use smaller jars...


  1. Was about to log off when the wafting aroma of preserved fruit crossed the Atlantic- nice! Am muchly fascinated by the happy Book Project, but don't think I've quite understood its finer details. I'm saving a closer study for the weekend- PC will be in London and I want some inspiration of Things to Do with Boys!

  2. My pears floated too and I only used the 500ml jars. You're supposed to pack it in tight so that it doesn't float, but I'm too afraid of squishing them to pack them that tightly...

    These look beautiful, they'll taste like summer sunshine when you open them in the winter!

  3. Well done Alex! I've not done any of this before but they look great :)


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