The Happy Book :: Adventures with MIEP

The assignment this week for The Next Chapter book club was to bring our mascot along for some of our daily adventures. We have had a busy few days, with a funeral out of town, so not as much fun stuff that we wanted to bring MIEP to, but on our first day back home, we took him out to the park.

He watched us play tennis.

He had fun hanging upside down on the monkey bars.

He went on the swing and did some flips on one of the bars on the playground.

And of course, he had to go down the slide too...

but I don't think he liked that last part much...he didn't land too well!

I think we'll take him along for more adventures while we are doing this Happy Book project over the next few weeks.


  1. I love MIEP! What a cool looking mascot. Everybody looked like they were having so much fun as well.


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