The Next Chapter :: The Happy Book :: introduction and MIEP !

Last year, I participated in an online book club called The Next Chapter. I read a couple of books with the club, but the most memorable one was Wreck This Journal. It was a family effort and as you can imagine, not really a book to read but more of an activity to do. It was FUN and I met some really cool people online too through that wrecking experience!

The current book covered by The Next Chapter is The Happy Book, but so far it has been a book traveling circle, a few books traveling between a few people. I wasn't interested in that, but just a few days ago, I noticed that Jamie opened up the book club to include everyone. I saw our chance to sign up and do this again together!

Here is a mosaic from our wrecking adventure:

Jamie asked for an introduction...
I am Alex. My husband and I have 3 children. A 13 year old girl, an 11 year old boy, and a 6 year old girl. They are at home with me, we are homeschoolers. We love learning together! We also have pets, 1 dog, 1 cat and 2 guinea pigs. We live in SW Ontario, Canada.
This blog is my personal blog, my corner, to share my own adventures. Some of my interests are, in no particular order, running, reading, the simple life, healthy food, movies, quilting, repurpose sewing...

The kids and I chose our mascot for the next assignment...
Introducing MIEP...a little monster I made last November.
We came up with the name MIEP by using our middle initials...Madeleine, Isabelle, Elizabeth, and Peter!
MIEP will be coming along with us over the next few days and will post of our adventures soon.

If you would like to find out more (or join) the Next Chapter online book club, you can visit the blog here.