Year 5 :: Week 5

This week was a slow week with school work, but full of events, happy and sad.

On Monday, we took advantage of a free public swimming time at a city pool and met our cousins there. We then discovered a new-to-us park in the middle of the city, with a large pond, naturalized areas, birds, and even a great hill to climb and run down from. Most of the photos from this post were taken at that park.

On Tuesday, my husband came back from his 16 day business trip. We were all so happy to have him back! He was then off Wednesday and Thursday, so we just enjoyed our time together.

Celeste and I also went to the Thursday morning homeschool park time. Then, when we came home we found out that Babi had died that morning. Babi was my husband's grandmother and she raised him from the time he was five years old. She was my children's great-grandma and a big part of our lives, she even lived with us for a while. We will be attending her funeral on Tuesday and this will be my children's first funeral.

This week was a much lighter week school-wise, but we still did some...

Teaching Texbooks Algebra 1 : lessons 15, 16 and 17 (Adrienne)
Teaching Textbooks 6 : lessons 16 and 17, quizz 2 (Andre)
Miquon Math Red Book: B9 and B10 (Celeste)

Language Arts:
Handwriting: Italics Book B - 2 days (Celeste)
Handwriting: Italics Book E - 1 day (Andre)

Spelling: Sequential Spelling 1 - 1 day (Andre)
Spelling: Sequential Spelling 3 - 1 day (Adrienne)

Explode the Code 1 - pages 13 to 16 (Celeste)

Elson Readers: "Alice and her kitten activity sheet", Celeste finished reading the story "Alice and her kitten", I introduced the new story "What was in the nest?" , and Celeste read first part of new story.

World Geography:
Trail Guide to World Geography: North America Week 5 day 1 trails (Adrienne and Andre)

Canadian History:
Read "Hunting for Unicorns" and  "The Village That Stretched from Sea to Sea" in The in the Spirit of Canada.
Read "Columbus" by Ingri & Edgar Parin D'Aulaire.
Continued reading in The Story of Canada - Chapter 3 until page 60, Habitants and Voyageurs.
Watched Canada: A People's History - Episode 2.

One of the activities that Adrienne and Andre did this week, was to draw of a make-believe world. They had a lot of fun working on this, and Andre decided to write more about the world he created and include it in his movie ideas binder!

Adrienne's world

Andre's movie ideas binder!

Front and back view of his world.


  1. Alex, WOW! That picture of the dragonfly is absolutely amazing!
    Good luck with your children experiencing a funeral for the first time. :( I still remember my first funeral for my great-grandmother.
    I was told if I kissed her I wouldn't have nightmares. I had nightmares for years because I did kiss her.
    Anyways, I will say a prayer for you guys to get through that day ok.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss.


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