Year 5 :: Week 6

After taking last week off, we started back again this past Monday. We did 4 days of school work this week, taking Friday off to attend a playdate with homeschool friends.

On Monday, Adrienne had her first meeting with the Canadian Air Cadets. She won't have her uniform for a few weeks, but once she does I will take a picture and share it. She is really looking forward to her first year with this squadron.

Here is our report for this past week:


Adrienne: Teaching Textbooks Algebra - lessons 18 to 20, quizz 2.
Andre: Teaching Textbooks 6 - lessons 18 to 21
Celeste: Miquon Math - lessons C1 to C4

Language Arts:

Grammar: Growing with Grammar 8 - lessons 1 to 4
Writing: Format Writing - Introduction and Paragraphs
Spelling: Sequential Spelling 3 - 2 days

Grammar: Growing with Grammar 6 - lessons 1 to 4
Writing: Story Starters - The Alligator story, Andre continued it, at editing point.
Spelling: Sequential Spelling 1 - 2 days
Handwriting - Italics Handwriting - 4 days
Reading Aloud Practice - Elson Readers - "A Dog of Flanders"

Grammar: First Language Lessons - lesson 1
Handwriting: Italics Handwriting - 3 days
Phonics: Explode the Code - pages 17 to 20
Reading Practice: Elson Readers - "What was in the Nest?" and "The Cat's Dinner"

Canadian History:

Read Spirit of Canada pages 27-33
Read Footprints in the Snow pages 15-18
Read Story of Canada pages 61-65
All 3 readings covered the late 1600 and early 1700s.

World Geography:

Trail Guide to World Geography - Week 5 days 2 to 4, Week 6 days 1 and 2 + map of Mexico + North American chart of facts. 
Read "Off We Go to Mexico" picture book.