52 books :: book 44 :: Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer is the first children novel written by John Grisham. John Grisham is best known for his legal thrillers for adults, but this one is aimed for 8 to 12 year olds. He talks about this book in this video:

Theo is a 13 year old boy whose parents are both lawyers and dreams about being a lawyer or even a judge. He already knows so much about the legal system, courts, and trials. The story finds Theo in the middle of a murder trial, knowing a bit more than he should. The murderer is about to go free and Theo needs to decide what to do with what he knows.

This legal thriller was a well written, fast paced, and interesting. I will be recommending it to my two older children (11 and 13). I wouldn't be surprised if Theodore Boone became a series.

You can visit the Theodore Boone website to find out more about this story.

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