Book Sharing Monday :: The ABC Book of American Homes

The ABC Book of American Homes is written by Michael Shoulders and illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen. We love alphabet books and this one is another wonderful one. As the title suggests, this is an ABC of all different types of homes that can be found in the USA, and for most in Canada as well. This book was labelled for preschool 3-5 years old at the city library, but I think it would be good for much older kids as well. You could use it as an introduction to house architecture and certain pages really open up to more reading, for example the straw house page got us talking about the type of materials that could be used to make a more "green" house. We also were interested in the "junk" house, which uses materials that were thrown out by other people. Here is a short quote from that page:

"J is for Junk House. This type of house is made of materials that most people send to the dump. The shingles on the roof might be recycled rubber. The family may walk on carpet made from discarded soda bottles."


  1. How Cool is THAT! They actually mention a straw house! Thanks for sharing this book. We may have to check it out! :)

  2. We posted ours about the book "Autumn Leaves" by Ken Robbins.

  3. We love ABC books ... I'll have to look for this one! :D


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