Book Sharing Monday :: One Halloween Night

We have been enjoying many Halloween themed picture books for the last few weeks. You can see some in my librarything widget right below the main blog header.
This morning I asked Celeste to choose her latest favourite to share with you.
One Halloween Night is written and illustrated by Mark Teague. He is the illustrator for those wonderful How Do Dinosaurs... books.
This picture book has great artwork and the story is a lot of fun too.
Three kids are looking forward to Halloween, but this halloween seems to be a little different for them. Their costumes aren't really what they had planned,  the candy is different and the evening just keeps on getting more strange.
A fun Halloween story!

"At other houses, the treats were weird, or awful. Soon their bags were full of candy with names like "Broccoli Chews," "Sweet'n'Sauerkraut",  and "Eggplant Fizzlers." 



  1. Hi Alex,

    Happy Book Sharing Monday to you! We just dragged our Halloween books out of the attic this past weekend, and hope to share one of those titles next week. Thanks for the reminder about this great Mark Teague title--what a great author/illustrator to feature!


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