Catching up on Heroes

My husband decided to give Netflix a try (it's new in Canada) and so we have been checking out a few movies and tv episodes.

We don't usually watch tv much, but I sure did today! I caught up with Heroes, Season 3. I had watched the first two seasons a couple of years ago, and really liked them.

We still aren't quite sure if we will continue our subscription after the trial offer, not having had cable/satellite for the last two years, but this is a little different. The local video store closed its doors last summer so this might be a nice alternative to driving to the next town when we want to rent a newer movie that the library might not have available.

If you are in the US and have had experience with Netflix, I would love to hear about it, good or bad!


  1. My ex-husband mentioned this to us yesterday. They seem to be liking it so far :)

  2. I signed up too, but may dump it after the free month. Everything I want to watch they don't have lol, figures!

  3. I love all the BBC shows I can stream. Right now I'm making my way through Monarch of the Glen. I wouldn't give up my Netflix subscription for almost anything! It's my relaxation at the end of a lot of harried days.


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