Home Learning Report :: Year 5 :: Week 8

We have had a great week here again.
We continued with our study of Mexico and also moved on to Central America.
Adrienne and Andre worked together to complete some trivia questions related to the P is for Pinata book. You can find them here.
I encourage them to work together, even though they would prefer not to. I think it teaches them useful skills, like patience for example! 

I made the Pan de Muertos (Mexican Bread of the Dead) but I have always
had a difficult time with rising bread. The taste
was really good, I love anise, but it didn't rise right.

With our study of Central America, we talked about the Panama Canal and watched this cool time-lapsed video:

Celeste continues to show a lot of interest with Math and is doing great!
This week, she started learning about subtraction.

Andre decided to teach Celeste how to play Battleship,
but ended up telling me that she wasn't ready. She understood the game,
but he didn't think she took it seriously enough!
Too cute!
Adrienne and him ended up playing together.
They both started laughing so hard and came to show
me why...they realized that they had
positioned their ships in a very similar way
without meaning to! 
You can see in this photo: 

We worked on science this week again, learning more about gravity
and doing another experiment. I am using this Thames & Kosmos kit.
We built the potato trap and had a lot of fun learning about the force of gravity!

We continued our art and music appreciation this week. We learned more about Mendelsohn
by completing our biography notebook pages and listening to his music.
We also looked at a few more paintings by Rembrandt.
Next week we will be studying a new composer and a new painter!

As part of the art and music appreciation, we are also doing a little
bit of art ourselves! We are using a fun Klutz book:

We are doing this all together. The kids are using loose watercolour paper
and I am using the book. We had a lot of fun with the first
assignment, it was simple and relaxing.

Andre started a new lapbook. I don't have photos yet, because it is only
in the information gathering stage.
One of his career choices is to become a movie director, the other is
a pilot for the Canadian Air Force. He told me this week that he wanted
to do a lapbook about famous movie directors.
He has already started gathering information on
M. Night Shyamalan and Steven Spielberg.

That wraps up our report for this week!
With fall here, we have been busy baking too...
baking is a great learning activity as well, and it's yummy!


  1. What a wonderful week, Alex! A very inspiring post--we're back from vacation and hope to hop back into homeschooling this week after two weeks off.


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