Last Saturday Night..

...We had a "Babi Day".
We decided to remember my husband's grandmother "Babi" on what would have been her birthday, last Saturday.
Some families might light a candle, visit the grave, or say a prayer. We didn't do that, the cemetery is close to 4 hours away. She passed away only last month.
What we decided to do instead, and will do every October 16th, is to have a "Babi Day".
She was a very caring great-grandma to my children, always giving them whatever they wanted, especially food, in particular junk food. They also could watch tv as much as they wanted whenever they went over to her house, and whatever they wanted.
Last Saturday night, we had junk food and watched a movie that the kids picked, no arguments from Mom or Dad! We had chips and dip, bagel crisps with cream cheese dip, and flavoured mini rice cakes. We also made fizzy drinks, mixing juice with sparkling water.
We watched "Aliens in the Attic" and we did talk a lot about our Babi.
We all agreed to continue this family tradition and I think
she would have enjoyed our evening too.


  1. Great way to make a family tradition in your home. It's one that means something to your family. How wonderful!

  2. i think babi day sounds like the perfect way to remember her.


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