Lego Quest # 27 :: Archeology

This week's theme for the Lego Quest was "archeology" and both Adrienne and Andre participated.

This is the story Andre told me : "The red pile of bricks is an egg. This egg is from when the dinosaurs died, there was a dragon there and the dragon threw the egg out of the atmosphere. The egg started to orbit the earth and one day it was hit by a meteorite and it came hurdling back into the atmosphere. It struck this area and the people that work at Area 51 came to excavate it. They are planning on bringing it to Area 51 and putting it in an electrical cage until it hatches. The person with the number 10 on its back is looking for evidence in the soil. The person with the space helmet is looking for evidence in the water. The person with the red top and blue pants  (holding the pile of red bricks) is pulling the egg out of the water."

Here is Adrienne's archeology site's description which goes with the photo below: "The black tent is where they examined the objects found at the site. On the site there are more objects dug up, broom, wheel, money, treasure chest, lamp. One digger found the head of R2-D2 in the dirt by the river. The brown area has been all dug up, the green area on the other side of the river will be dug up later." 


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