October is here!

We love Halloween here! It is by far our favourite holiday. We have fun decorating, making jack-0-lanterns, and of course going out trick-or-treating. We don't have many decorations for our house, but I have been able to save this big paper skeleton for the last couple of years. He cracks me up! I thought of including him in my self portrait today....We had fun the two of us!

Celeste has been asking me for the last two weeks when Halloween was coming, how many more days more. I told her today was the first day of Octorber and she was so excited! I will be making some simple crafts with her to decorate our windows and doors.

How about you, do you like Halloween?


  1. I love Halloween, but we don't celebrate it so much here in Denmark.
    I try to sneak it in though, and have pumpkins and bats set up around the house :)
    Your picture is great, you made me smile ;D

  2. My favorite too!!! :) Halloween is so much FUN! I love the last photo, so cute.

  3. I love Halloween. There are so many fun and creative things to do. My kids love it too.



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