quilts in progress...

I have 4 quilts in progress. These quilt tops were done last year and are still waiting to be finished! I am hoping to get them done by the end of this year, but not sure if that will happen.

The one laid out on the floor is a Christmas one, I am working on this one today. I am hoping to get a lot of the quilting done and get it ready for binding.
The other Christmas one, in the left front side of the photo is from the virtual quilting bee I took part in last year, the Traveling Threads.
Next to it, the purple/pink one is for Celeste. The top is also finished and waiting to be quilted.
Finally, the colourful one with lots of white is my 2009 Calendar Quilt. 

The quilting part is my least favourite part. Mostly because I don't like trying to fit the bulk through my sewing machine. One reason why I prefer smaller projects like placemats!
The other reason why these have been sitting here for the last year is that I just don't have the budget for batting right now. Living simply is a choice and it does encourage me to think of alternatives, for example using an old flannel sheet instead of batting in one of the quilts.


  1. Those tops look so great! Batting -not o mention backing- can be a big post in a quilters budget. I have also used cheap fleece blankets from IKEA as batting in a quilt. It means I can't put the quilt in the dryer (city life leaves no room for a clothes-line), but it cost me $2 for the batting for a nice lapsize so it's ok!

  2. Your Christmas quilt looks BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see it! I hope you finish it soon.


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