The Happy Book :: Five Years from 2015

Jamie's assignment last week from the Happy Book, for the Next Chapter book club, was to think about ourselves five years from now.

Thinking about the future...In five years. In 2015!

What came first to mind was to figure out my age then and my children's. My husband was born in the same year as me, so we both will be 43 in 2015. We will have passed the big 40! That means to me that I should have ran a half or full marathon by then. I hope I am still running at least three days a week, and that we all are still healthy. I hope my family will still feel close as it does today.

My children will be...oh boy! That's when it gets a little more crazy!

My oldest daughter will be 18 in 5 years. She is planning on going to the Canadian Forces. I think that in five years, she will likely be there, either completing her training or stationned somewhere in the world. I can imagine that I will miss her terribly, but at the same time I will be extremely proud of her. I left home when I was 18 and I think it was the best thing I ever did! I hope she will be happy with her life wherever she is, either with us or away.

My son will be 16 in 5 years. I just can't picture that! I think he will always be my little boy in my mind. He has big dreams too. He wants to be a movie director and also wants to join the Canadian Air Force and become a pilot. In five years, I don't think he will be there, but maybe he will have made some longer movies for himself and his family. I can picture that, movies in our house, around the town... I think in 5 years, he will be home learning still with me. I think that as he gets older, it is even more a better suited environment for him.

My baby girl will be 11 in 2015. I think in five years, she will still make us smile and warm our heart.

In five years, I don't know where we will be living. My husband's work sometimes allows us to move around, so I am hoping we are able to take that opportunity again and move somewhere else in Canada.

In five years, I truly think I will still be homeschooling my children, but probably not all of them. I also hope I will still be doing some type of art for myself, photography, sewing, quilting, painting...something. Maybe I will have clearer dreams of what a small at-home business could be for myself. I have had a vision of making small items out of recycled fabric...something quilty and homemade. I know that photography will always be part of my life. Maybe with older children around, I will have more time to dedicate to that passion...

Five years from now... Looking forward has put a smile on my face, I think life is wonderful and I am optimistic about the future. Here is a quote I love:

"The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances." Martha Washington.


  1. Great post, and what a cool assignment!
    I love it that your children have hopes and dreams for their future.
    I'll be 42 in 2015...hmmm...what will our lives be like?! 5 years!! I'm not jused to thinking that far ahead!

  2. Love your quote from Martha Washington. She is so right. Happiness and positive attitude are choices we make. Learning to do things that make you happy also helps. I love being creative. It makes me feel special.
    Keep a good thought about a home business. It will come.


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