Unusual Day..

Today has been a weird day. We had our regular schedule of school work this morning. One of my cousins was supposed to come over late morning but never showed up. Then we were supposed to go to a birthday party, but the "Great Lakes Cyclone" was expected and so I decided to not go out and drive today.

We all went out to put away the few things that were still outside and checked if there was anything left in our garden. A few peppers and tomatoes were still there! I was surprised since most of the plants have looked pretty much dead for the last few weeks.

My kids love a good storm and were very excited, getting everything ready to spend the afternoon in our basement, food, flashlights, boardgames, radio, etc... I brought a couple of books with me and ended up falling asleep for about ten minutes until Celeste asked me if I was asleep!

The storm has gone by now, not as strong as it was supposed to be at all. We are a bit disapointed but happy that be safe, and best of all the birthday was re-scheduled for tomorrow!