Year 5 :: Week 10 Home Learning Report

This week was a short week! We celebrated Thanksgiving on Monday here in Canada and we took a day trip to Kitchener/Waterloo area on Thursday. My husband had a meeting there for work and we visited family too.  

We covered our main subjects of Math and Language Arts. We also did French on Tuesday, reviewing greetings, family members names, numbers, and colours. Adrienne also reviewed the verbs "etre" and "avoir".

In World Geography, we completed our study of South America. Along with map work, we completed a comparaison chart. In this chart we compared the size of the countries chose, the population density, the infant mortality rate, and the government. 

We are continuing our read aloud of Chasing Vermeer and really enjoying it!
A very light week for us!


  1. I was just looking at Chasing Vermeer today on Amazon. Do you do French once a week?


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