Year 5 :: Week 11 Home Learning Report

This week was a lot of fun! We had my mother-in-law "Nana" stay with us for a couple of days.
Nana did a Christmas theme craft with the kids (see further down this post) and we also went bowling on another day.

We did manage to do our main subjects of Math and Language every day this past week, but not much else, so this post will be a bit short!

We finished reading aloud Chasing Vermeer this week. It was a great story and we all enjoyed it, even my youngest (6). Next week, we will finish our notebook pages on Vermeer and Chopin. I have been playing a few CDs over the last couple of weeks.

In Canadian History, we read about the War of 1812. I asked Andre and Adrienne to write a summary of the Battle of Detroit, since Detroit is not very far from where we live.

As I mentioned above, Nana did a craft with the kids. I think these turned out beautiful. They are string ball ornmanents. The instructions were in a book that she brought along, but you can find similar instructions here. 

Next week, I am hoping to get back to our regular routine and cover all our subjects!


  1. What a fun week with Nana -bowling, Christmas craft. Chasing Vermeer sounds wonderful. Beautiful week.

  2. Time with Grandma is the best kind of school. I love the ornament!


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