Year 5 :: Week 12 :: Home Learning Report

This week was more productive than the last couple of weeks!

We continued working on all our Math and Language Arts.

In World Geography, we are now in Europe. We completed maps on Scandinavia and the trivia questions.

In Canadian History, we learned more about the settlers of Canada, and read several stories in The Spirit of Canada. We really enjoyed the excerpts from Canadian Crusoes and from Roughing it in the Bush. We learned and talked about the Rebellions of 1837.
We talked very briefly about Napoleon and looked at this painting from Jacques-Louis David, a painter that we will study in a few weeks as part of our Art Appreciation course.

In Music Appreciation, we continued and completed our study of Frederic Chopin. We listened to Classics for Kids to learn about his life and listen to some of his music. We completed a notebook page.

In Art, we worked on some splatter painting using this workbook. This Klutz book has been a lot of fun so far. We will be using these paintings to create something else next week. We splattered the paint on the paper and also used straws to push the paint around.

I love this little guy. Adrienne drew this one using the previous lessons of free brush strokes!

This week, we also attended a fun birthday party, took a family portrait, and survived the "Great Lakes Cyclone", which really didn't turn out to be much of a storm. It did give us an opportunity to practice our storm/tornado/cyclone safety plan...
My kids love storms and were very fast at packing up their stuff, bringing food, radio, and flashlights to the basement! 


  1. It looks like you had a fun week. I especially love the first photo. What a beautiful cat!

  2. Totally unrelated: is that green perfect for that room as a wall colour or is it a little overpowering? We're having a bit of a debate in our house about this same colour, lol. (I love it)


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