Book Sharing Monday :: Callie Cat, Ice Skater

Callie Cat, Ice Skater is a picture book written by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Anne Kennedy. Celeste chose this book at our library because of the cover, she loves to skate and also likes cats. I found the story is a little different than most, and really appreciate its message.

Callie Cat loved to skate, as the story says, she loved it "more than chocolate cake". She spent a lot of time at the little ice pond near her house skating by herself. The author talks about Callie felt "a melting sweetness" whenever she skated.  Everyone knew how much Callie loved to skate and when they heard about the Honeybrook Ice Skating Contest...

...Everyone thought she had to compete and cheered her on during her many practices for the contest. They all thought this would be her big chance and that she could win the big prize!
The story continues with the performance at the competition and Callie discovering that winning isn't everything, that doing something you love is its own reward. This is a beautiful story for its message, I thought.

"They showed the flyer to Callie's mother.
"Do you want to enter this ice skating contest?" her mother asked.
Before Callie could reply, May piped up:
"Of course she does."
"She'd be a banana if she didn't," said Liza.
And so it was settled."

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