Book Sharing Monday :: Tracks in the Snow and Who Likes Rain?

Celeste loved these two little books by Wong Herbert Yee.
They are both rhyming picture books with lovely illustrations. 

The first one I am sharing is "Tracks in the Snow". 
The litle girl finds some tracks in the snow and is determined to find out who made them.  

The second picture book is "Who Likes Rain?".
The same little girl is here again, this time it's Spring time.
She discovers who likes rain, and who doesn't!

This author has many more wonderful picture books, you can find out more on his website here.
If you are participating in Book Sharing Monday, please include your link below! Thank you and happy reading!


  1. oops! For name, I put my own! ;) Duh! I needed the title, sorry about that! I'll try again ;)

  2. Oooh, that books looks lovely!! Thank you



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