Book Sharing Monday :: Unsolved!

My son has always had an interest for unsolved mysteries, like the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis. While searching for books at the library on this topic, we came across this series. "Unsolved!" is written by Kathryn Walker. From the back of the book, it looks like there are twelve titles in the series. We took out the two of interest to us, "The Mystery of Atlantis" and "Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle". These books are filled with many photos and drawings, a glossary, and also suggestions for further reading.

"The Mystery of Atlantis" explains how the stories of Atlantis began and what Atlantis might have looked like. The book also tells about all the different possible locations of Atlantis, then just like with the book on the Bermuda Triangle, the chapter "Did Atlantis Exist?" explains how people are still argueing over whether Atlantis was real or fiction. 

"The idea of Atlantis has captured people's imaginations for centuries. It has been used in novels, games, and comic books. Television series and movies have also been based on the story." 

"Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle" talks about all the strange events that have in the area of ocean between Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico. After reading about the vanishing ships and planes, the reader is invited to think about what could be the truth. This is where you can find out about many different explanations.

"Some ships and planes have had trouble with their compasses while traveling inside the Bermuda Triangle. What could be causing this?"

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  1. Both of these look like great titles, Alex. We did a little unit on sea monsters and Atlantis a couple of years ago, so I'll add these to the file--they'll fit right in! Thanks again!

  2. Those look like great titles. I am going to check my library for that series. My boys would love it. I would love to link up some Monday- I just never think of it until I see your post!


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