First the books..

Before any of the holiday decorations come out, I always pull out the books!
I have been collecting holiday books for several years now,
finding them in thrift shops for the most part. 

Putting these holiday books away during the rest of the year
reminds me of when I used to rotate toys when my kids were smaller.
They all are so happy to see these favourites come out again!

I would like to share with you our little collection and
would love to hear about your favourites.
You can leave a comment on this post, or
participate in Book Sharing Monday over the next
few weeks in November and December.


Here is a group shot!
If you are wondering what is behind the books,
they are my work-in-progress quilted reversible placemat (look here!).

We have mostly picture story books.
The Wee Sing book at the top is missing the tape,
but we keep it anyway, it gives us the lyrics.

We love the "classics":
Frosty the Snowman,
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
The Night Before Christmas.
The copy of that last one is quite small, but it is beautifully illustrated,
and it is the original text.

Here are a couple of novels we have enjoyed over
the last couple of years.

My kids love to cook, especially my oldest daughter.
We found these two cookbooks last year and
tried several recipes from each.
Cute and yummy!

Let me know what your favourite holiday books are! I am looking for suggestions for winter solstice books as well (we've enjoyed this one), or winter-themed stories related to nature.

Thank you!


  1. Great collection! We have a bunch as well but they are more scattered throughout our collection LOL I'll have to grab them out, good idea in keeping them separate! Makes them all the more enjoyable :)

  2. We LOVED Kringle, fantastic book! I also know there is a movie in the works for it, cannot wait for that!

  3. I just pulled out the bin of Christmas books from our shed but have yet to bring them in the house. I will do so on the weekend. I also like keeping the books separate and away - the kids always seem more excited when they see the books.

    Thanks for sharing your faves.

  4. Great collection...I must get ours off the shelf now too. Although our local library has had them available all year and Scarlett often chooses a Christmassy or snowy story whatever the season.
    I'll share ours over the next few weeks.


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